Special Projects

Forwarding the Impossible

From time to time, a special cargo needs to be shipped from one point to the other. Such ‘special’ cargos differ from one another in many aspects, but they all have one thing in common: they cannot be shipped with ordinary methods. They all require special preparation.

Over the years, Nativ Cargo successfully delivered many unusual cargos: large industrial equipment, heavy machinery; etc. Therefore, whenever a special cargo needs to be shipped, we most certainly can help, in every aspect of the project:

  • Strategic planning of the project
  • Booking of required carriers
  • Disassemble the cargo to fit in shippable containers
  • Re-assemble the cargo after arriving destination
  • Co-ordinate the delivery with local authorities
  • Provide escort if needed
  • Take care of insurance and other required documentation

Nativ Cargo can help shipping oversized and other special cargos from any location on the world to any destination. If needed, we can provide special tracing services, to help locate required equipment or components for various operations.