Inland Haulage

Inland Haulage

Inland Haulage: On the Road Again

One of the corner stones of contemporary economy is delivering goods from one point in the country to another. This field of forwarding is called inland haulage. It is usually conducted by trucks, vans, and trains.

Inland haulage is one of Nativ Cargo’s specialties. We provide:

  • Negotiation with carriers for best price
  • Schedule planning for most efficient delivery
  • Take care of all required documentation
  • Loading and unloading of cargo
  • Receiving cargo at destination

Our inland haulage services are provided all over the world, for full truck loads as well as less than a full truck load. If needed, we will provide special containers for goods with specific storing requirements.

If the final destination of the cargo is overseas, Nativ Cargo will make the required arrangements for ocean or air transport for the next stage of the shipment.