Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight Services: Perfection of an Ancient Art

Ocean freight services are as old as the first time men sailed, thousands of years ago. Even today, with air freight services taking a major portion of global cargo forwarding, ocean freight is flourishing, and in good cause: although a bit slower than air shipping, ocean shipping allows a reliable transfer of bigger, heavier cargo, in a relatively efficient cost.

Ocean freight forwarding is one of Nativ Cargo’s specialties. We can help our clients deliver cargos from any location, to any destination. Our clients are rest assured that we will take care of every detail along the way:

  • Finding the right carrier
  • Forming a schedule according to the client’s needs
  • Handle boxing and delivery of the cargo to the port
  • Warehousing (if needed)
  • Making sure the cargo arrived its destination on time

Nativ Cargo will take care of all documentation and legal issues which might come along the way. Also, our experience and positive work relations with carriers allows us to get best prices for our clients.