Exhibitions Logistics Handling

Exhibitions Logistics Handling: No Exhibition is Too Far

Almost every profession in modern-day era has its own periodic trade fairs. Showing up in these fairs, to show and be shown, often opens important opportunities. Therefore, it is essential to show up well prepared to such expos, with all the relevant products and equipment potential clients might want to see.

Nativ Cargo helps its clients to establish the most impressive presentations, with our Exhibition Logistics Handling Service:

  • Finding the best carrier (considering scheduling, budget, etc.)
  • Forwarding of any required cargo for the expo
  • Packing of the cargo, unpacking at destination, re-assembling at location
  • Handling costumes, and any other required documentation
  • Shipping of the cargo from the expo to any needed location (back to HQ, another expo, etc.)

Our Exhibition Logistics Handling service is provided all over the world, from any location to any destination. We can forward any cargo of any size, weight, and nature, to any exhibition.