Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage: Clearing Your Goods

One of the most resources-consuming parts of international cargo forwarding is dealing with local customs authorities. The bureaucracy seems endless, and the bigger and varied the cargo, the longer the procedure takes. Nativ Cargo’s customs brokerage service will save you all this trouble.

Our team of experts will be happy to clear your cargo from customs, anywhere in the world. Our years’ worth of experience in this field allows us to help you with:

  • Submission of official forms and requests
  • Calculation of taxes and fees
  • Conduct payment on client’s behalf to authorities or suppliers
  • Fully represent the client’s organization with any needed matter at hand

Using Nativ Cargo’s customs broking services means trusting the bureaucratic aspect of your freight at the hands of experienced professionals. We will clear your cargo as quick as possible, and at the same time, save you a significant amounts of time, money, and other important resources.