Freight Consolidation: Together Everybody Wins

Nativ Cargo often handles forwarding of massive cargos which require several shipping containers or special preparations. However, many of our clients need to deliver smaller cargos, and require less than one container. To forward these smaller freights, we offer Freight Consolidation services.

Freight consolidation is a field in freight forwarding which allows the forwarder to deliver smaller cargos in an efficient manner. It is done by bringing together several small-scale freights, and delivering them at the same craft and/or container.

Freight consolidation often turns to be economically efficient for the sender, since the cost of the shipment is shared by several other clients. Nativ Cargo will do all the necessary arrangements to make the consolidation profitable for all:

  • Gather several shipments
  • Negotiate with carrier for best price
  • Take care of any required documentation
  • Clear cargos from customs

Contact us to hear more about freight consolidation possibilities.