About Us

In many aspects, today’s world is smaller than ever. Our economy is global, which means that people from different parts of the world can all enjoy the same products, brands and services. However, the world is still quite big, at least in surface size. This means that most products still need to be shipped from one point to the other. Operating such shipments is the sole purpose of Nativ Cargo.

Nativ Cargo is a freight forwarder, or a cargo agent. We are an effective, quality firm, who specialize in helping ANY cargo to be moved from point A to point B. Over the years our company helped delivering numerous cargos of varied nature, such as: textile products, minerals, vehicles, machines, structures, and even entire factories. Our years-worth of experience with freight forwarding allows us to help our clients with every stage of the shipment:

  • Planning and scheduling of the shipment
  • Handling documentation and required paperwork
  • Negotiating with carriers for best quotes
  • Booking and paying suppliers on behalf of the client
  • Packing and loading of cargo
  • Receiving cargo at port or any other desired destination
  • Clearing from customs
  • Delivery of cargo to its final destination
  • Warehousing and storing

Nativ Cargo provides its services all over the world. The company forwards international or domestic freights, by land, ocean or air. We deal with cargo of any size or nature, from small shipments which will be delivered by freight consolidation; to oversized cargos which require special preparations. In addition, our excellent work-relations with leading world-class carriers allow us to get the best quotes available at the market.

Be it goods from the factory or the factory itself, Nativ Cargo can manage any freight forwarding operation. The company will deliver the cargo to its destination, quick and efficiently, and serve as the client’s representative all along the way.

To learn more about Nativ Cargo and its services, contact us. One of our representatives will return to you shortly.