Inland Haulage


Documentation: the First Step of Freight Forwarding

Modern technology allows us to deliver practically any cargo, quicker and more efficient than ever before. However, no freight forwarding operation can even begin without taking care of the required documentation.

Every forwarding operation requires dealing with bookings, payments for carriers, and handling insurance and customs. In addition, every operation will require some unique documents, which may vary by the nature of the cargo, its origin and destination: Air Waybills for air transfer, Ocean Bill of Landing for ocean transfer, Certificate of Origin, and more.

To help our clients save time, let alone prevent delays and mistakes, Nativ Cargo provides Documentation Service. Our extensive experience with the bureaucratic requirements for freight shipping allows us to handle the required documentations of any shipment, fast and accurate. Clients who choose this service enjoy quicker clearances, save time and money, and of course, enjoy the peace of which comes with knowing that all the paper work has been properly filled.