Door to Door Delivery

Door to Door Delivery: With You All the Way

There are many factors to consider for a successful delivery of goods. To name just a few: the nature of the cargo, its size and weight, choosing the right form of delivery considering budget and schedule constraints, choosing the right containers… not to mention the extensive bureaucracy which comes with freight delivery, customs and local constraints for certain types of cargos.

Nativ Cargo’s Door to Door Delivery is a premium service which provides full escort to any cargo which needs to be delivered, starting from the client’s current storage location, ending with the cargo successfully arriving its destination. With Door to Door Delivery we will provide:

  • Packing services
  • Taking care of any required documentation
  • Booking of needed carriers (ground, air or ocean)
  • Receiving the cargo at port
  • Customs clearance
  • Deliver cargo to its final destination

Nativ Cargo’s Door to Door Delivery Service is provided all around the world. Contact us for additional details.